Hello! My name is Artem, and I am the founder of the Korzhavin Films studio. Our team are videographers with over 13 years of experience.

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Our Team
We are friends. We have been together for many years, and we truly believe that friendship and business are compatible. Our production is a living example of this approach.

  • Artem
    Founder, Videographer
  • Mariya
    Videographer, Editor
  • Andrew
    Editor, Engineer
Having studied the schedule, I understand that half of all the shootings are excursions and walks around St. Petersburg. On the right, you can see how we were shooting in the same format two years ago.
Commercial offer
The more cameras we have, the more angles and events we can capture. In our opinion, it is best to shoot walks, lunches, and dinners with two cameras, and 30 June evening with three cameras. .

SDE - editing of a video shot over 4 days of the event with a demonstration on the last evening

the start and end of events can be changed, but the number of specified hours should not change. In case of an increase in the service time, the cost will be changed
Contact us:
+7 931 340 74 52